Got Covid-19 vaccine? Receive a QR code certificate by phone

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This certificate acts as an international ‘vaccine passport’ and helps curb fake immunization claims.

As proof of Covid-19 vaccination, all vaccine beneficiaries in Maharashtra receive a certificate with unique QR (quick reply) code.

The mass immunization against coronavirus will begin in the country on January 16, (Saturday).

Up to 7.72 million healthcare workers have signed up on Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network, (Co-WIN), an online application for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of immunizations.

A new feature in Co-WIN allows you to save the unique QR code-based vaccination certificates on your mobile phone. This certificate can be used as an international ‘vaccine passport’ and will help to reduce fake immunization claims.

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Dr D Patil, state immunisation officer, said that each beneficiary will be able to show proof of having received the vaccine by generating a unique QR code.

The code will include all information necessary about the person, as everything will be centralized. He explained that if someone provides a fake vaccine certificate, authorities can quickly nab them.”

Protocol prohibits the interchanging of different vaccines. A person must take two shots of one vaccine. The second dose is given 28 days following the first.

Side effects that may occur in beneficiaries include body ache and fever. Maharashtra’s health department has also trained its vaccinators in dealing with side effects.

People with weaker immunity, such as patients suffering from cancer or people with diabetes, should get the vaccine. They are high-risk. Patil advised that they should rest for at least 30 minutes after receiving the shot.

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