Hot Water Bag | Usage | Relieves Pain? Or Just A Psychology Thing?

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hot water bag

A hot water bag is a hot-water bottle that has been filled with hot water and sealed using a top.
One can use it for warmth, usually while lying down, and to apply heat to specific parts of the body.

Hot-water bottles should contain boiling fluids and be in direct contact with human skin.
It is essential to ensure that the closure and welding are safe enough to prevent burns and that the chemical components of the bottle are not harmful to human health.

It is vital to certify and ensure that hot water bottles are safe, regardless of whether they are manufactured, imported, or sold.

Due to shoddy manufacturing, rubber hot water bag have experienced premature failure.
If manufacturers do not monitor it closely, rubber can fail strength and fitness tests or become brittle.
The most commonly used material is natural rubber with calcium carbonate.

However, it is susceptible to oxidation or polymer degradation due to the high temperatures involved in molding the product.

Although the cracks are not visible from the outside, they can cause a bottle to burst when hot water-filled.
This can lead to severe burns and sometimes require hospitalization.
Boiling water is not suitable for hot-water bottles.

Though, for relieving pain you must also try yoga of different king like Naukasana.


What is hot water bag?

It is a stoppered container of plastic of rubber. It contains hot water which one applies to a part of body for warmth, in order to soothe or lessen:

  • swellings
  • pain
  • stomach ache
  • contraception
Does hot water bag reduce pain?

A hot water bottle relieves pain deep inside the body.
Scientist have disproven this saying.

Hot compresses can be used to physically block the normal pain response in colic, period pain, or stomach aches.

Is Hot bag good?

This heating bag can be a great tool to give you pain relief effectively.
The bag can stay hot for up to 3 hours at a stretch which is sufficient for a good heat therapy session.

Uses hot water bag?

Hot water containers or bags were traditionally of rubber and hot water filled.
To prevent spillage or leakage, the container or bag also had a stopper at the mouth.
Hot water bags can be used to relieve pain by local heat.

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