Karnataka cabinet has decided go with a curfew for 14 days.

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Karnataka cabinet has decided go with a curfew for 14 days.

Karnataka cabinet has decided go with a curfew for 14 days.

Breaking news coming in from Karnataka where the cabinet has decided to go in for a curfew and restrictions in the state given the rising COVID cases. Remember Karnataka reported over 34,000 cases in a single day that’s the highest ever.

Well, there will be a curfew in place for the next 14 days beginning tomorrow. This is beginning tomorrow. So people do have time to actually get their essential supplies and maybe get to where they need to be.

This was really bound to happen. We started with a night curfew in Bengaluru and six other cities the follow to a nice curfew across the state and weekend, curfews were also announced in fact, we can help you with a lot we can also just was lifted this morning.

So now this curfew for 14 days is really a desperate bid by the state government to try and control the numbers in Karnataka there has been falling tremendously.

We’re talking about over 34,000 new cases in Karnataka, over 20,000 new cases in Bengaluru city alone, the city now has more than 1.8 lakh active cases, which is really an enormous amount.

And of course, we really can put in a huge, huge strain. When it comes to the facilities, the ICU beds, the oxygen ICU beds are running short in the city.

So this bit this curfew, as the chief minister calls it is a bit to really kind of break the transmission, break the chain, try and give the health facilities a change kind of stabilized to try and catch up.

They’re talking about installing 2000 modular ICU beds in Bengaluru, another 2500 modular beds and the rest of Karnataka as well, to cater to the ICU demand.

It’s really a crisis situation and come Africa and this latest announcement of this 14 day curfew is a bit to break the chain and slow that spike.

In practical terms, there won’t be any difference because the if you see the model it is a mentor, there will be a complete shutdown across the state from tomorrow not 9pm onwards, when the chief minister was asked that whether it is a lockdown or a curfew.

But there will be complete shutdown from 9pm onwards, onwards tomorrow, and for 14 days because 30,000 more and more than 30 to 34,000 cases were reported in Karnataka on Sunday and 20,000 cases were reported from Bengaluru what they believe that in order to break this chain 14 days lockdown was required as part of the assessment.

And they even the Technical Advisory Committee was also of this opinion and therefore they have opted for this there will be it will be strictly implemented and there won’t be any laxity at all. So but there have been people have been asked to buy their essentials between 6am to 10am.

Every day, the medical shops, hospitals and other operation operations will continue even in this industrial and other economical activities would be allowed under certain guidelines and the guidelines will be issued by today. Evening.

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