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Mangago is a website that shows Manga stories for free.
Many people do not understand what Manga is and what Mangago does.
Let us understand this first.
Mangas are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan.
Most Manga conforms to the genre developed in Japan in the late 19th century,
And this form has a long prehistory in earlier Japanese art.
In Japan, they use term manga for both comics and cartooning.
Outside Japan, people use this term to refer to comics originally published in the country.
People of all ages read Manga there.

The medium includes works in a wide range of genres:

  • Action
  • adventure
  • business and commerce
  • comedy
  • detective
  • drama
  • historical
  • horror
  • mystery
  • romance
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • erotica (hentai)
  • sports and games
  • and secrets etc

They have translated many Manga into other languages.
Since the 1950s, Manga has become a major part of the Japanese publishing industry.
By 1995, the manga market in Japan valued at $6-7 billion.
Annual sales of manga books and manga magazines in Japan are as high as 15 points per person.
The Manga has also garnered a significant audience worldwide.
In 2008, the manga market was valued at $175 million in the US and Canada.

What are Manga’s Manga stories like?

mangago charecters

Manga stories are usually printed in black and white.
Due to lack of time, Artistic reasons (e.g., colors can reduce the effect of artwork) and to keep printing costs low.
However, some full-color manga do exist.
In Japan, Manga is usually serialized in large manga magazines, often containing multiple stories.
Each is presented in a single episode to be continued in the next issue.
A manga artist usually works in a small studio with a few assistants and is attached to a creative editor at a commercial publishing company.
If a manga series is popular enough, it can be animated after or during its run.
Sometimes, Manga is based on previous live-action or animated films.

Mangago is a web manga library:

In recent years, there has been an increase in Manga which releases digitally.
As it is known in Japan, Web manga has seen a rise thanks to image hosting websites, where anyone can upload pages from their works for free.
Although released digitally, almost all web manga sticks to the traditional black-and-white format, although some never receive a physical publication.
Pixiv is the most popular site where amateur and professional works are published on the site.
It has become the most visited site for artwork in Japan.
Twitter has also become a popular place for web manga, with many artists posting pages on their accounts weekly in hopes of getting their work published or published professionally.
One of the best examples of amateur work becoming a professional is One-Punch Man. The man released it online and digitally.
Soon he also released a professional remake and an anime after that.

Mangago is a manga directory:

Mangago writes itself on its website that they are manga directory.
There are millions of manga stories on this website.
Hundreds of manga stories appear on this website every hour.
On Mangago, you will find manga from many genres:

  • Yaoi
  • Doujinshi
  • Shounen Ai
  • Shoujo
  • Yuri
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Smut
  • Adult
  • School Life
  • Mystery
  • One Shot
  • Ecchi
  • Shounen
  • Martial Arts
  • Shoujo Ai
  • Supernatural
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Harem
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Josei
  • Mature
  • Mecha
  • Psychological
  • Sci-fi
  • Seinen
  • Slice Of Life
  • Sports
  • Gender Bender
  • Tragedy
  • Bara
  • Shotacon
  • Webtoons

Surprise!: Mangago

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