O2 Tablet: Uses, Dose, Side Effects, Contents and More

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O2 Tablet is a combination tablet of two antibiotics. You can use it to treat bacterial and parasitic infections. It effectively treats various bacterial infections, including those that occur in the teeth, lungs and genital tract.

One should take O2 Tablet with food. To ensure greater efficacy:

  1. Take it at a set time. You should not exceed the recommended dosage as this could have adverse effects on your body.
  2. Do not miss a dose.
  3. Please take it as soon you remember.

To ensure complete recovery, you must continue treatment even if your symptoms improve.

Side effects of this medicine include nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. 

Doctors recommend to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fluids to overcome side effects. Consult your doctor immediately if any side effects become severe. 

You should immediately seek medical attention if you have an allergic reaction, such as rashes, itching or swelling, and shortness of breathing. You should seek medical attention immediately.

If you have liver problems or kidney disease, tell your doctor before you take this medicine. Tell your doctor if there are any medications you are taking for any other health conditions. 

Before taking any medication, pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor. This medicine can cause dizziness and excessive drinking. Although it does not usually affect your driving ability, you should not drive if you feel dizzy or sleepy. 

Avoid using the medicine if you are allergic to it. It is important to get enough rest to get this medicine working properly.


  • Treatment for Bacterial and Parasitic


O2 Tablet is a combination medicine that one can use to treat infections caused by bacteria and parasites. It works by killing and stopping the growth of the bacteria and parasites causing the infection. This medicine usually makes you feel better quite quickly.

However, you should continue taking it as long as prescribed, even if you feel better, to ensure that all bacteria and parasites are killed and do not become resistant.


Most side effects are not serious and will disappear once your body adjusts to the medication. If they persist or you are concerned, consult your doctor.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Appetite loss
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

WAYS TO USE O2 Tablet:

Your doctor will direct you to take this medication at the correct dose and for the prescribed duration. As a whole, swallow it. It should not be broken, chewed, or crushed. One should take O2 Tablet with food.

O2 Tablet is a combination tablet containing two antibiotics: Ornidazole and Ofloxacin. Ofloxacin kills bacteria by stopping them from growing and repair themselves.

Ornidazole is effective against parasites and anaerobic bacteria, which can cause infection by destroying their DNA. They work together to treat your infection.

O2 Tablets may not be safe to for use during pregnancy. There are not many studies on humans. However, studies in animals have shown that O2 tablets can cause harm to the baby’s developing brain. 

Before prescribing this medication to you, your doctor will weigh the potential benefits and risks. Talk to your doctor.

Do not miss an O2 Tablet dose. Would you mind taking it as soon as you can? If it is near the next dose, skip the missed one and resume your normal schedule. Do not increase the dose.


What’s O2 Tablet medicine used to treat?

Medley Pharmaceuticals makes Tablet O2. It is often used for treating bacterial infections, lower respiratory tract infections and soft tissue infections. Side effects include Dry mouth, Altered taste and Fatigue.

Is O2 medicine for loose motion?

O2 Tablet can be used as an antibiotic to treat many bacterial infections. It is often prescribed to treat infections like typhoid or urinary tract infections, bronchitis and inhalational anthrax.

Is O2 Tablet an Antibiotic?

O2 Tablet 10 belongs to the class of antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections of the urinary, intestine and respiratory tracts and genital infections.

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