PM Narendra Modi Says: Promise of international help for India

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PM Narendra Modi Says: Promise of international help for India

International help is being pledged for India as it battles a ferocious second wave of Coronavirus described by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a storm that has shaken the nation.

Almost 350,000 new infections were recorded in India in the latest 24 hour period. And 2767 people have died but experts say the actual numbers are likely to be much higher.

As the epidemic continues to grow hospitals are under intense pressure with shortages of beds and critical supplies, including oxygen in the capital Delhi COVID is now killing one person. Every four minutes.

Every crematorium we’ve been to we’ve seen body after body being brought in. It’s hard for anyone to keep calm but what workers have been telling me is that the real scale of deaths caused by COVID-19 in India is a lot higher than what official numbers reflect.

And a lot of those who have died right now have done so because they couldn’t get oxygen in time. Jitender Singh Shanti runs a group of volunteers here.

Even young people are dying. It’s a very bad situation. If it keeps getting worse, we’ll have to burn bodies by the side of the road.

He says there is a sense of abandonment in this country. Citizens are stepping up to do what a government should left to fight a vicious pandemic on their own.

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