Queensland cites a new case of locally acquired coronavirus

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Queensland will temporarily stop sending Kovid-19 infected patients to Brisbane’s highly-regarded Princess Alexandra Hospital, after authorities find out.

The news came as the state made a new acquisition at the local level in the Kovid-19 case.

On Saturday, Queensland’s chief medical officer Jeanette Young announced that no new Kovid-19 patients would be hospitalized, while officials investigated whether to blame for the “environmental” outbreak in a special room in her ward. Was.

Brisbane’s two different groups emerged after a doctor and nurse, who worked in the hospital’s Kovid-19 ward, split up over the weeks of the job. On Good Friday, a second PA nurse, called the “missing link” case, also tested positive.

He and the doctor caught the virus while treating the same returned passenger in the hospital.

Although they were reportedly infected for weeks, Young said on Saturday that both the original nurse and the doctor were working on different Kovid-infected patients in the same room in the hospital at different times.

“We’re not putting any more Kovid cases in PA at the moment, just try to find out how it happened,” Young said.

“Because the first patient who led the transmission, and [other] The patient who led the transmission was being managed both at the same time, at the same time, not at the same time, so we feel that the environment around that particular room or that room There may be a problem with.

“Of course, it may be coincidence, but it is suspected that both of those patients were being managed in the same room, one after the other.”

Young also said that he had ordered for all health staff to be tested daily with Kovid-19 patients.

“Now, we haven’t put it in the beginning, because of course, these are highly trained people and we’ve done exceptionally well, until we start seeing more of these variants that are far more contagious yet ,” He said.

“So, although these are highly trained people, they know how PPE is used, without our own fault, we have now seen transmission, so I need someone working in those wards now, Patients who have a direct relationship or contact with a Kovid-positive, that they should be tested every inning. “

Young announced that Queensland had on Saturday registered a new case of Kovid-19, a close contact of the previous case which has been in quarantine since 27 March.

Addressing the media on Saturday, Jeanette Young, the state’s chief medical officer, said the man, who attended the Black Hop Brewery on March 20, was left “for his entire infectious period”.

“I am very grateful to the more than 2,000 people who have been in quarantine as a result of two recent groups,” Young said.

“We never know who that person is going to eradicate the infectious, but here we have one who is in quarantine. So that’s the norm.”

The state also registered two other cases in the hotel quarantine which appear to be historical cases. “

Also on Saturday, both New South Wales and Victoria did not announce locally acquired cases. NSW registered three new foreign acquired cases in Hotel Quarantine.

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