Retail footfall jumps as non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants reopen – business live

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By Monday the famous former flower market will have 800 alfresco restaurant seats, outdoor heaters and large umbrellas, waiters, fine food, alcohol and, they hope, lots of punters.

But are Londoners going to flock down? Or have they become too accustomed now to Deliveroo and Amazon?

Director of Covent Garden Michelle McGrath said: “Covent Garden has been around for 500 years we’re very confident we will be around for a very long time….

“I think both of those things can coexist and every time we’ve had a lockdown and we’ve had an easing of lockdown what we’ve seen is restaurants full, shops full, queues to get in, people connecting with each other on a human level – but also here to experience the best of London.”

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