The President made a sensational statement on the Corona epidemic, there was panic in the whole country.

US President

US President Joe Biden said a very childish thing about Corona on 21 September 2022.
He said that the corona epidemic is now completely over. While doctors and researchers say, there is no timeline for when an epidemic will start or end. It starts slowly and starts decreasing after reaching a peak. So right now it can be said that the cases of covid have worked but not completely over. Its cases are still being received from abroad.

Wrong Statement by Joe Biden

It would be completely wrong to say that the corona pandemic is over.
However, saying this by a President is not correct from the point of view of health safety. This will send a wrong message to the general public and the public will stop following the safety rules of covid, which can worsen the condition of the country and increase the cases of corona. The matter has caused panic across the country. And it is also being strongly condemned.

Biden’s comments don’t alter the way it affects how the US or other nations are reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak. It’s currently an emergency of public health for the United States, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services and it’s still an emergency in public health of international significance, or PHEIC, as per WHO.

PHEIC Agreement

A PHEIC creates an agreement among countries to follow WHO’s guidelines for managing the crisis. Each country declares its own national health emergency — declarations that have legal authority. These declarations are used by nations to mobilize resources and waive regulations in order to lessen the impact of the burden of a crisis.

In this day and age there’s no precedent to close the curtains on the possibility of a pandemic.
“We’re really in some new territory here,” University of Michigan’s Navarro stated.
The last pandemic to reach this magnitude was 1918’s influenza pandemic. In 1918, there was no response from the federal government. The president Woodrow Wilson “really didn’t say anything on influenza as far as we know,” Navarro declared, not that his expectation to.

“The pandemic response was then much more state and local, and so, citizens residents looked to state and local health officers for their guidance,” Navarro stated. The guidance was generally provided through local newspapers, which were read widely.

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