UK Covid live news: vaccinations to be rolled out to over-40s this week, says NHS chief

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Around 94% of people aged 50 and over in England are likely to have had their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

The figures are for doses given up to April 4, which are the latest available estimates from NHS England.

They suggest 94% of 55-to-59-year olds had received a first jab by that date, as well as 87% of 50-to-54-year-olds.

More than a quarter of 16-to-49-year-olds (28%) are also likely to have received their first dose.

Many of those people are likely to fall into one of the priority groups that are not age-specific: for example, staff working in care homes for older adults, frontline health and social care workers, and adults classed as clinically extremely vulnerable or with underlying health conditions.

NHS England also estimates 79% of eligible staff in older care homes in England have received their first dose, along with 70% of staff working in younger adult care homes or domiciliary care providers registered with the Care Quality Commission, plus 69% of staff in other social care settings such as local authority providers.

Around 92% of those identified as clinically extremely vulnerable have had their first dose, as well as 79% of those aged 16 to 64 identified as at risk or a carer.

The Welsh government announced last week that it would have offered a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to everyone in the top nine priority groups by Sunday April 11.

Around 90% of people aged 50 and over in Wales are likely to have received their first jab, according to the latest figures from Public Health Wales.

This includes 87% of 55-to-59-year-olds and 79% of 50-to-54-year-olds. The latest figures are for vaccines given up to 10pm on April 10.

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