Vaccines have been introduced to combat the COVID-19 vaccine that will not require long clinical trials: FDA – Medical Bags

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HealthDay News – On Monday, it said that longer clinical trials would not be needed to prove the effectiveness of approved COVID-19 vaccines to protect against variants of the new coronovirus. Instead, vaccine developers will be asked to conduct small clinical trials, such as those required for annual flu vaccines. new York Times Reported.

The recommendation was one of several new documents released Monday by the FDA, including how antibodies treatment and clinical trials may have to change to respond to coronovirus variants. There is growing concern among experts about how the variants may hinder or reverse progress against the epidemic, many times Reported.

“The emergence of virus variants creates new concerns about the performance of these products,” FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, MD, said in a statement. “We want the American public to know that we are using every tool in our toolbox to fight this epidemic, including adapting viruses.”

Most manufacturers of candidate vaccines in approved COVID-19 vaccines or late-stage trials have stated that they plan to adapt their vaccines to deal with variants: many times Reported. Modern and Pfizer vaccines use mRNA technology that companies have said can be used to replace existing vaccines within six weeks, although testing and manufacturing will take longer.

Modern has started developing a new version of its vaccine, which can be used as a booster shot against the booster variant, which originated in South Africa, known as B.1151. , Which weakens the effectiveness of existing vaccines.

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