What happens if we get the vaccine while Covid Positive?

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First dose of Covid Vaccine

What happens if we get the vaccine while Covid Positive?
It is a good idea to get the COVID-19 vaccination. This is the time that COVID-19 cases continue to spread and there’s still a scary chance of contracting the disease. A person may be symptomatic or positive for the disease at vaccination, but they are still unaware. It is possible, statistically, that many people would be asymptomatic, or presymptomatic, at the time they get their vaccine.

In such a scenario, what would happen if you get the vaccine when you are COVID+?

Chances of being Covid positive these days

Although we are now at the top of the second wave of COVID-19, the fight is not over. The virus is still present in large numbers, particularly in areas with high-risk thresholds. They are also still a threat to global health. It is important to follow COVID-appropriate behavior. However, it is also possible to have symptoms or be positive when you are about to get vaccinated. The newer versions of the virus can be more dangerous for those with poor immunity and who have not been vaccinated.

Experts Suggest

According to current guidelines, people who have been diagnosed with COVID + (have been quarantined and tested positive) or are suspects of developing COVID symptoms should wait until they complete their quarantine period before getting vaccinated. A virus as complex as the SARS COV-2 and its rapid spread means that it’s not common for a person to become symptomatic or develop signs and symptoms later. However, a COVID+ patient is more likely to spread the disease to others in a public vaccine space. It is recommended that anyone who has been exposed to COVID+, or suspects any symptoms, stay home and focus on recovery.

For the same reason, anyone showing signs of a non-COVID infection, or a respiratory infection are also requested to postpone inoculation.

What happens if we get the vaccine while Covid Positive?

It is possible that some people who show up to the appointment for vaccination only discover their potential positive status after they have been subjected a clinical test.

Although it’s concerning to consider getting vaccinated if someone is COVID+, scientists don’t have any conclusive evidence about how vaccines may interact with active viruses in the body. However, this will depend on whether someone is experiencing symptoms or how severe they are.

Some studies have shown that the COVID vaccine can be administered to someone who is already sick with the virus. This may not cause any adverse effects or interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccines. Although this remains to be confirmed, experts believe the vaccines work independently of the virus that has already caused inflammation. The virus can spread rapidly and could be a danger to others, even healthcare workers. Although asymptomatic cases might not show up, anyone with symptoms or who has had contact with someone who tested positive for the virus should stay home and schedule the shot again to ensure that no one else’s health is at risk.

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